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08 Nov How to Replace Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings are vital in keeping your vehicle running safely. These tiny components are what primarily bears the weight of a car’s mounted tyre/wheel assembly, reducing friction as the wheel rotates. When do you know if you are experience problems with your car's wheel bearings? Bearings are surprisingly...

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11 Oct Radiator Warning Signs

When you see the temperature gauge on your car go up to “high” or the warning light is on, you may have a problem in your cooling system, which may be due to a leak in your radiator or in another component. To confirm the leak...

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29 Aug Understanding The Inside of Your Car Engine

It’s helpful to have a good understanding of the parts making up a car engine. Understanding the basics about your car engine will lessen any confusion the next time you talk with your mechanic. Engine (or Cylinder) Block If you’re wondering what an engine block is, well it...

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25 Aug 5 Handy Tips To Find a Reliable Mechanic

How to find a good mechanic Servicing your car is an important part of keeping your “wheels” in good condition at all times. Regular servicing according to the manufacturer’s requirements should never be neglected. No matter how old your vehicle is. A manufacturer’s service plan will take...

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27 Jul Car Service Money Saving Tips

Save Money on Your Car Service & Repairs by Having Regular Checks & Inspections It's important to educate yourself when it comes to your vehicle so that you understand what to ask your mechanic at your next car service. We take a look at a few...

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