Spare Parts That Are Top Quality & Authentic are Vital for Safety

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Spare Parts That Are Top Quality & Authentic are Vital for Safety

When it comes to your life, choosing top quality, authentic car spare parts is absolutely vital for your and your family safety.

With the number of automobile owners increasing worldwide, growth in the auto industry has been substantial. This has created more need for the manufacturing of spare automobile parts and dealers. Unfortunately, this has fueled a market in counterfeit parts due to their low cost. Currently, this market has grown tremendously with dealers selling fake parts from obscure locations across the world.

The problem is that the use of low quality spare parts has resulted in more traffic accidents, some causing death. These parts are simply unreliable. This is why Supa Mac is adament about using only top quality parts when we service and repair any vehicle. There are vital reasons for this:

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Why not use counterfeit spare parts?


  1. Long-term impact – Because they are cheaply made, they do not meet industry standards. Although they may work for a while, in time they’ll have a negative impact on your engine. You will likely have more frequent breakdowns and pay more to have your car serviced and repaired when you take it in. In the long run, this will cost you far more than what you saved on the counterfeit parts.
  2. Safety risks – Aside from compromising your vehicle, cheaply made spare parts put you at greater risk of having an accident. Common examples of counterfeit parts on the market include air bags, engines, tyres and other vital components.
  3. Damage your vehicle – If you are attached to your car, you want it to last a long time. But if you use counterfeit cheaply made auto parts, they will damage your vehicle. Therefore, it is important to only use original brand name, top quality, spare parts for your automobile.


Commonly Found Counterfeit Auto Spare Parts


  1. Brakes – Cheaply made brake pads and the shoes that come with them are usually made of metal, which is harder, which causes the pads and shoes to wear down sooner than the authentic parts would. The result can cause your car not to break properly and/or take longer to stop. Counterfeit brake pads and shoes exert additional pressure on the adjoining components, such as the drums, which causes them to wear out faster as well. Overall, this is a dangerous situation and could certainly add to the risk of collisions.
  2. Oil filters – Top quality oil filters come with a check valve to ensure good oil pressure when you start the car. Cheap counterfeit oil filters don’t have this valve, which allows dirt deposits onto the engine.
  3. Batteries – An inexpensive battery is most likely not a very reliable one because batteries are usually rated according to their cold-cranking amps, which in this case would be lower.
  4. Ignition parts – The components in the ignition, including the spark plugs, may look just like the original ones, but if they’re counterfeit, they will be different internally.

The driving public is becoming more educated about the service and repair of their vehicles. There is a demand for top quality auto service and this means top quality genuine parts are what customers insist upon of any reputable auto repair shop.

Supa Mac takes pride in using the most trusted manufacturers when it comes to auto parts. The safety of our customers is our primary concern. Below is a list of our suppliers, along with the products and tools we routinely use:




The company was founded in 1992, in a small shop located in Souter St., Pretoria West, Gauteng, South Africa. WAG has since grown into a major supplier with over 80 Goldwagen outlets in South Africa, as well as a number of other countries.


Masterparts is one of the nation’s top suppliers of a broad range of aftermarket auto parts and accessories. The company headquarters is in Kenilworth Cape Town and has been in the auto industry for more than 35 years, supplying top quality components for braking, engine, steering, suspension, lights, filters and more for a broad range of prominent motor vehicle brands.

They stock parts for nearly 90 different automobile manufacturers including ADE and Zotye and practically everyone in between, keeping 35 000+ parts in stock. They also supply a lot of different aftermarket products from solid brands like Holts, K&N, NGK and Shell and can serve more than 2000 different types of engines.

Masterparts keeps up with the newest engines and other advances in the industry, enabling them to consistently offer top quality auto parts and accessories. They select all their suppliers very carefully, making sure they are vetted so they can guarantee that stocked parts remain consistently as good if not better than OEM or the authentic equipment parts from the original manufacturer.


Midas is a retail business built to fulfill the needs of any car owner. Their focus is on providing a broad range of auto parts and accessories as well as lifestyle equipment. Midas has more than 300 franchise operations throughout Southern Africa, including Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, and here in South Africa.

All products obtained from approved Midas suppliers come with a full 12-month guarantee against any manufacturer’s defects and this is nationwide. This means that any item can be exchanged at any other Midas shop across the country, with proof of purchase and subject to the manufacturer’s warranty. The company’s aim is to influence consumer perception and help them associate top quality brands that are guaranteed, with the name Midas.



Dana, being an OEM and replacement parts supplier, provides top quality advanced sealing technologies under the brand Victor Reinz®. All auto parts in their comprehensive range of products meet the highest standards with regard to OEM quality.

Almost all the brands people are most familiar with as well as auto manufacturers across the world use the amazing sealing solutions offered by Dana for motors and exhaust systems.

 SKF Bearings

SKF South Africa lives up to the reputation of the SKF brand, which stands for quality. The company is dedicated to protecting the environment as it grows, is ISO 9001:2008 certified, known for excellent health and safety management, having earned both OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certification.

 LUK Clutches

LuK is a vital division of the Schaeffler Group and over the past 50 years LuK itself has become an expert and leader in the technological area of systems and components used in vehicle drive trains. This began in 1965 when LuK built a diaphragm spring clutch that had a release system, a ground breaking invention even to this day, and just one of many developed by LuK.

GUD Filters

GUD Filters is the premier automotive filter brand in South Africa. The company manfactures a complete line of filters for the aftermarket in South Africa, local OEMs and overseas export markets. The GUD brand is an icon in South Africa’s automotive industry for its dedication to quality, product innovation and service, which places GUD Filters at the forefront of the industry.

Gates Auto Parts

Gates Corporation leads the word in manufacturing power transmission belts as well as being the world’s best at manufacturing fluid power products. Gates stands out due to the differentiated value proposition it offers customers. This consists of a complete line of top quality product and service solutions that cover both first-fit application and replacement to encompass the fields of process and specialty, agriculture, construction, energy, automotive and transportation. Their products are sold globally using the Gates brand, which OEMs, distributors and installers all recognize as the premium brand in terms of technological innovation and quality, a reputation that Gates Corporation built over the course of the last hundred years since being founded in 1911.


Ferodo is Federal-Mogul’s premium breaking brand. Federal-Mogul is a diversified and highly innovative R98.31 billion worldwide supplier of products, highly respected brands and solutions for engine and sealing, braking, steering and typical service parts. Ferodo serves those who manufacture automotive, off-highway, heavy-duty, and light commercial vehicles, as well as aerospace, power generation, rail, maraine and industrial applications.


ECHLIN is recognized as a premium brand in the auto-electrical, cooling, fuel, ignition, switches & senders and electrical accessories category.

For more than 60 years ECHLIN has been at the forefront of innovative product development, with the broadest range of ignition products, locking caps, oil filler caps, radiator caps, thermostats and switches, carburettor kits, fuel pumps and water pumps in South Africa’s automotive aftermarket. ECHLIN has set the standard for quality and range.

The ECHLIN range of products is among the most comprehensive in the automotive industry. The company leads in the areas of ignition, fuel, cooling, and auto-electrical products, catering to most of South Africa’s passenger vehicles as well as light commercial.


Bosch is a renowned German multinational electronics and engineering company with headquarters located in Gerlingen, Germany (near Stuttgart). According to 2011 revenues, Bosch is the largest automotive components supplier in the world.

The company’s main products are automotive components (steering systems, starter motors, generators, fuel systems, electronics, electrical drives, controls and brakes), industrial products (consumer goods, packaging technology, drives and controls), and building products (thermotechnology, security systems, power tools, and household appliances).


ATE is known and respected for its top quality brake pads, shoes, discs and master and wheel cylinders. All their brake pad formulations are developed locally to handle the specific road and driving conditions of South Africa, whilst meeting global regulatory standards. Their products are distributed through all the top aftermarket parts wholesalers through all of South Africa and beyond. Vehicle workshops and parts retailers trust ATE for their high quality brake components, support, service and training. ATE is a true partner in the field of brake systems!

NGK Spark Plugs

NGK is capable of producing spark plugs for every conceivable type of automotive engine, motorcycle, horticultural, marine and many other engines as well. NKG manufactures and stocks more than 1,000 different kinds of spark plugs. You can count on NKG to work closely with the manufacturer of the engine to ensure the spark plug perfectly matches the machine.

The spark plug is responsible for providing the heat energy needed to start the burning of the air/fuel mixture via a very intense electrical discharge within the combustion chamber of the engine. It must be capable of doing this many thousands of times per minute.


Snap On

Snap-on Incorporated is without a doubt a leader in innovation, manufacturing and marketing of tools, diagnostics, equipment, systems solutions, repair information for automotive professionals performing vital tasks. Their products and services are comprised of:

  • hand and power tools,
  • storage,
  • shop equipment,
  • information and management systems,
  • diagnostics software

They also offer other automotive solutions for repair centers and dealerships as well as for users in other industries such as,

  • aviation,
  • agriculture,
  • military and government,
  • natural resources,
  • mining,
  • power generation
  • technical education.


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