Thanks so much for your excellent service Frik, you really impressed me with your knowledge. Thanks to you and your friendly team I can now drive with a smile and know I will get to my destination without any issues. Keep it up !!!
Baie dankie aan Frik en Supamac vir n goeie en spoedige diens. Ek voel gemaklik om my motor by julle te los. Ek kan altyd seker wees julle sal alles in julle vermoƫe doen om my motor goed te hanteer. Ek bly n klient vir altyd. Baie dankie manne!
Service with a smile and I drove away with a smile, no hassles from dropping my bakkie off to collecting it at the time Frik said it would be ready. Great service guys and thanks for being honest! My bakkie drives like a new one . Definitely not the last time you see me. : )
Gerhard du Preez - FORD RANGER 2.5
Supa mac has been my mechanic of choice for quite a while and I have never been disappointed or dissatisfied with the service. Fro my experience no one wants to work on Volvo's whether they don't have the knowledge or know how i'm not sure. Frik and his team took my car in no problem. Handles my car like their own and when picking it up after a service I am always surprised as to they always walk 10 extra miles. Thanks guys, you are the best!!!!!! I can vouch for you any time.
Andre Grear - VOLVO S4
Super mac, thanks for always helping me out and always being honest. A team like yours is not that easy to find...friendly, skilled, knowledgeable, HONEST and caring, all the traits every mechanic should have. Thanks and all the best!
Ben de Lange - GOLF 4 GTI
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